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Q&A with the Australian Koala Foundation

Winesmiths Mulga Edition Nozzleheads has partnered with the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) for our newest collaboration, with $1 from every pack of Winesmiths Rosé or Cabernet Sauvignon going towards the AKF, in particular, towards Quinlans- a research and conservation centre based in Queensland.

This partnership is important for us because sustainability and nurturing our relationship with nature has been a part of the Winesmiths mission since day one. We urge consumers to consider the impact of their purchase, up to 80% less energy is used in the production of casks compared to glass wine bottles, which results in an 82% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Deborah Tabart is the current Chair of the foundation and we spoke to her about our new partnership. She started her journey with the AKF as their Executive Director 33 years ago, moving up to CEO and now Chairman. To Deborah this is more than just a job, after all this time she still loves coming to work each day.

Quinlans has been a part of the Australian Koala Foundation since 2010 when it was a private property bequeathed to the foundation.

When asked why the work at Quinlans is so important for koala conservation, Deborah said, “Firstly the land is now completely safe and our day to day work of re-generating can never be destroyed into the future. We also learn a lot about what happens when you remove weeds. Instead of planting we have now found that weed removal allows seeds from the ground to find their way to the surface. We are now seeing trees that have not been on the property for over 100 years. Nature is incredible.”

In revegetating the land with native flora, it provides more homes for the native wildlife and ecosystems can thrive, which directly benefits the environment. Here at Winesmiths, we can relate to this mission. Did you know that for every hectare of land we plant vineyards on, we have at least one hectare of native vegetation? This ensures we are reinvigorating the land we take from, in a sustainable way. It also improves the quality of our fruit, making the wine in your glass even better.

Deborah says, “funding for projects is always important but having our message spread across wine lovers will enable more people to think about the conservation of the Koala and some of the bigger issues, like water management and de-forestation.”

When we asked Deborah how the AKF will “Sacrifice Nothing” to support fragile Koala habitats and preserve natural vegetation, she had this to say;

“The AKF is determined that no more trees should be cut down. We have had the No Tree No Me slogan since our inception and it says it all. With 85% of the worlds forest already destroyed, we, the people, must ensure that we stop deforestation, and of course repair the damage. A big job!”

We are proud to support the AKF and proud to champion sustainable wine drinking through cask!

The Nozzlehead packs are available to buy now at Dan Murphys and limited BWS stores across Australia.

You can read more about the Australian Koala Foundation at their website here

You can also buy Deborah’s latest book The Koala Manifesto here!


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