At Winesmiths, when we say ‘sacrifice nothing’, we believe that should include the earth too. We’ve been dedicated to our sustainable practices since 1984, receiving 43 accolades for them globally.


We strive to reduce our environmental impact through our packaging, winemaking processes and the way in which we give back to the land we take from.  

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We don’t shy away from the fact that some people frown upon cask wine. We’re here to change their minds. But aside from a plethora of other benefits, did you know that a cask box has just 13% of the carbon footprint of bottled wine? Our packaging is considerably lighter than glass, meaning less emissions from transport. We support this further at Winesmiths by ensuring our packaging is made from 75%-recycled materials.


Though we don’t believe in preaching to people about their dietary choices, being 100% vegan-friendly just means less intervention when it comes to making our wines.


Typically, wine does not contain ingredients derived from animal products, however, they are often included in the refining part of the winemaking process. For several years our winemakers have been even further honing their expertise to ensure a balanced and healthy environment for our grapes to grow. This minimises the need for human and chemical intervention. Put simply, by stripping out additional processes we actually discovered better profiles for a well-rounded end result in your glass.


We believe that the healthier and more biodiverse the vineyards are, the better quality and more robust flavours emerge from our wines.


For every hectare of vineyard we own, we have at least one hectare of native vegetation. At Winesmiths this is our way of acknowledging that winemaking has to work seamlessly alongside nature, ensuring we are reinvigorating the land we take from in a sustainable way.


Our integrated pest management systems and diversity in vegetation help to create a balanced environment that can thrive. Using an abundance of harmful chemicals not only goes against our ethos but, we believe, also diminishes the end result of the wine and stops the environment from being able to continually provide us with high-quality grapes for harvests to come.

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