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Netflix and Wine: 6 Binge-Worthy Movies You Need to Watch

Put on your pj’s, open up your favourite cask, and snuggle on the couch while watching one—or all—of our favourite movies about our favourite drink. Some will transport you to the prettiest vineyards in the world, while others will lure you in with all the mysteries the wine-making world has to offer.


Does your love affair for vino go beyond drinking wine or using it for cooking? If you’ve ever dreamt about resigning from your job and running off to become a Sommelier, you need to watch SOMM. Released in 2012, the documentary follows four wine enthusiasts on their journey to become Master Sommeliers. If you consider yourself a wine-know-it-all, think again. The only thing standing in their way of achieving sommelier status is the examination, which has one of the world’s lowest pass rates. While you may learn a lot about wine’s history and culture, the stories surrounding each person in the film will keep you drawn in from start to finish.

Sour Grapes

Part documentary, part crime film—this movie has everything: drama, mystery, scandal, and of course, wine. Sour Grapes takes you through the shocking life of wine savant Rudy Kurniawan, who sold millions of dollars’ worth of rare bottles to collectors who thought they were buying the real thing. But after trying to deceive a wine producer with a legendary vintage worth more than $28,000, his con finally caught up to him. Watch as investigators uncover one of the biggest wine frauds of the decade.

A Good Year

Not only does this movie have a cast that will make your jaw drop, it also has a storyline that will make you laugh, cry and root for the main character throughout the film. Perfect to watch on a Sunday afternoon, A Good Year is about investment expert Max Skinner (Russel Crowe), who inherits a small vineyard in Provence after his late uncle passes. While he plans to sell the chateau as quickly as possible, he begins to have second thoughts. And what’s even better than the feel-good story is the dreamy scenery that’ll make you want to hop on a flight to Provence as soon as possible.


The newest wine flick to hit Netflix follows the life of Elijah, who’s been groomed to take over his father’s local BBQ joint. But determined to create his own path as a wine sommelier, Elijah enrols in a program where he studies for the tough examination day and night. Like SOMM, Uncorked takes you behind the scenes to show what the Master Sommelier exam entails and everything you need to know. With a 1% pass rate, will Elijah live his dreams, or will he carry out his father’s wishes to take over his restaurant? You’ll have to find out for yourself!


Have you ever asked yourself: “What does it take to make it in Napa Valley?” Since that’s a pretty random question our guesses are probably not. But now that you’re wondering, you’ll want to find Decanted on Netflix and hit the play button stat. The documentary showcases the development of a brand new winery, seen through the eyes of Napa Valley’s elite. Watch what it takes to build a brand, stake a claim, and realise a lifelong dream.

Barolo Boys, The Story of a Revolution

Okay, you caught us—this movie isn’t on Netflix, but since it’s available on Amazon Prime, we had to include it in our round-up! It’s so good, we promise you won’t stay mad at us for long. Released in 2014, Barolo Boys uncovers the story of Italian winemakers who broke away from the traditions of winemaking in the 1980s and 90s. The movie focuses on the Barolo Boys’ technical innovations created throughout the decades, which led them to become one of the best winemakers in the world.

What are you waiting for? Now that we’ve rounded up the best wine-themed movies on Netflix, the only decision you’ll need to make this Saturday night is what cask wine you should pour.

Tell us—are you going to watch these movies one at a time, or binge them all at once?

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