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Taking your home decor from cold weather to warm

You’ve probably noticed that this blog isn’t titled ‘taking your home decor from winter to spring/summer’. That’s because if you’re in Australia right now, it feels like the weather is playing tricks on us.

Forty degrees one minute, hail storms the next. It’s hard to keep up. But one thing’s for sure - when you arrive home or switch off at the end of the day, your home should make you let out a big, relaxed ‘ahhhhh’.

We believe strongly in perfecting your relaxation ritual here at Winesmiths, so creating the perfect environment to pour a glass of our finest and relax is a priority.

Flicking the switch between the cooler months and warmer months is just as important in your living areas as it is in your wardrobe. It changes your level of comfort and the calm you experience. Here are our top tips on how to do so with ease.


First things first, they don’t call it a Spring Clean for nothing. In the colder months, we tend to nest and hibernate. Cosy homes are often filled with knick-knacks, like squirrels we gather things around us for the months ahead. And as we’ve been stuck in our homes FAR more this year than ever before, we guarantee the bits and bobs, the piles of paper and potentially some over-zealous internet purchase have accumulated.

It’s time for the Marie Kondo mode to kick in. Seriously, watch or read some of her content. If you need inspiration, this tiny Japanese sorting angel will get you excited about tidying before you even know it.

A clear space is a clear mind. Even if you aren’t ready to get rid of many of the things around your home, sorting them and putting them away will clear your headspace and have you feeling spring fresh.

Fresh flowers and greenery

Florals for Spring? Ground breaking. We know it’s not an original idea, but trust us about the way it transforms a space. Getting rid of dried flowers or wintery blooms in favour of something fresh and bright will give you a little perk up every time you walk past them.

You can go for something very inexpensive from the local shops or even your own yard. Australian natives, in particular, are great as they tend to last longer than other flower types. We love the brightness of acacias in a vase.

Alternatively, you could turn to some living greenery, as many people have lately. Not only do plants literally freshen the air, but they make a house feel so much more alive.

Keeping them alive can be tricky for some. But, you can certainly purchase or get clippings of plants that are extremely hardy and will withstand any anti-green thumb who crosses their path. Devil’s Ivy, for example, is very self-sufficient.

Or finally, you could go the artificial route. Aesthetically they’re super pleasing but you don’t get quite the same joy from a plastic plant. Promise.

Change the furniture to face the light

You may not be the type that typically moves furniture around and in some homes, this is downright impossible. But for those who can, consider turning your furniture away from things such as the TV or the fireplace, toward the window. As the days become longer and brighter, it’s great to be able to soak up as much of the magic as possible, while you’re relaxing.

Switch up the artwork

People tend to buy art and stick with it. That’s understandable when you’ve bought some particularly expensive pieces. But in this day and age, it’s easy to completely switch up the look and feel of a room by using interchangeable wall prints.

Places like Etsy will help you find local artists, but there are plenty of prints online that you can have shipped or even print out yourself. A change in colour palette and theme (think palm trees or beaches) will bring the warmth inside.

Swap for lighter and brighter

This goes for any colour accents you have in a room. Winter and autumn are great for deep, warm tones, but spring and summer lend to a more light and bright palette. This doesn’t mean doing away with all of your existing home accessories but perhaps consider how your burnt orange which worked so well in winter might pair with some baby pink and light grey for a summery look.

Switch out the deep jewel tones for pastels or some earthy Australiana colours. Whilst you’re at it, you can consider the depths of the fabrics. Your warm, chunky knit throw for winter could be swapped for something far lighter, perhaps in a linen fabric.

Bedspreads with heavy fabric can also be put away and a linen alternative can help your sleep sanctuary feel cooler and more relaxed in the Aussie heat.

Smells like Spring

Scent can completely change the reaction you have when walking into a room. Inviting cinnamon, pine and cedar wood invoke a cosiness throughout the cold months but in summer fruitier, fresher smells are the go-to. We adore the range from Etikette Candles in South Australia, which draw on the Australian landscapes for a scent-sary experience.

And there you have it. Apply all or just some of the above to make sure your home feels relaxing as the sun starts to peek out a little more often. Most importantly, ensure there’s some Winesmiths stored safely in your supplies so you can begin your home relaxation ritual in style.


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