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Want another way to enjoy your favourite Winesmiths Wine? Try these delicious and easy cocktail recipes, made to bring out the best in our wines and also make any occasion a little more extra.

We would love to see your results if you give them a try! Post your photos on socials with the tag @winesmiths and #winesmithscocktails.

A bold Sangria bringing combining Shiraz and Oranges for a big bold flavour.

The Bold Sangria

Summer Red Wine Punch

A delicious blend of fruit and Shiraz that's perfect for enhancing any summer day.


Our wide range of premium wines are single varietal and single vintage. There’s no combining the year’s leftovers and diminishing the end result. Winesmiths selects the pick of the crop.

Frozé Rosé

Winesmiths Rosé, grapefruit juice and blended ice for optimal summer drinking. Sit back and enjoy! 

Rosé Summer Blend

Winesmiths Rosé, Blueberries, Watermelon and Pink Lemonade. Delish!

Citrus Blanc

Citrus and Sauvignon Blanc are a match made in heaven in this cocktail!

White Mojito

A White Wine mojito made to refresh, and perfectly paired with relaxation in the Australian Summer.

Pinot Grigio Sangria

A twist on a classic Sangria, plus a whole load of raspberries for added deliciousness!

Mint & Citrus Sangria

Mint and Citrus combine with Pinot Grigio in another delicious twist on a classic Sangria.



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