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How to switch off at the end of the day

With the year we’ve all had it’s no wonder everyone is looking for ways to switch off. It feels like every moment we’re bombarded with content that frankly, you just don’t want to see, watch or hear. Though some of it is important, it’s still a lot, and we get it.

Here at Winesmiths, we’re passionate about you finding the perfect relaxation ritual to switch off at the end of the day. One that, no matter what the day has thrown at you, can take you to a sense of calm in your own home. So get prepared to snuggle up, and settle in for a zen evening. We’re here to help.

1) Write tomorrow’s to-do list tonight

Jot down everything you think you have to tackle tomorrow. Once it’s on paper (or in digital note form) your mind will feel less need to overthink every unplanned detail, sending your evening into a stressful spiral.

2) Switch up your environment

No matter what stage of lockdown, or lack of, you’re currently facing you’re still allowed to take a stroll. If you’ve been home all day it’s good to stretch the legs to separate yourself from the day’s activity. Of course, any type of exercise works in this capacity too but for some burpees are the opposite of a relaxation ritual. So a walk will do just fine.

3) Get changed

It seems silly but whether you’re in work from home mode, study mode, active mode, super-parent mode or any other mode that’s soaked up your brain capacity for the day, studies have shown that switching out of whatever you’re wearing helps your brain switch off. This doesn’t have to mean putting on your PJ’s or fancy matching ‘loungewear’ (though that’s fine too), but pop on whatever attire that tells you that the day is over and the evening is yours to enjoy.

4) Pour a glass of Winesmiths

Make your selection from our extensive Premium range, pour into your favourite glass and take precisely three slow sips. No, this isn’t based on scientific data analysis, just our own expert in-house opinions that this works to tell your brain that you’re in your happy place now.

5) Social time limits

Set yourself an allotted time to indulge in mindless social media scrolling that you may have missed throughout the day, then switch off. We obviously don’t mean fully switch off your device - it’s 2020, most people don’t do that. But turn off push notifications so you aren’t being bombarded by nonsense and perhaps even put your phone in another room. Now, this IS based on scientific data and analysis. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

6) Cook up a storm

Pick a delicious and nutritious meal to cook for yourself. It doesn’t have to be complex and you don’t have to be a Michelin-star chef. Some 5 ingredient cookbooks have miraculous creations within. You’ll feel better having known that you’re nourishing yourself rather than feeling groggy after scoffing down a takeaway. There’s the added bonus that most recipes take less time to cook than the endless searching it takes to decide what to order on UberEats anyway.

7) Repeat tip 4

Take another few sips of your chosen glass of Winesmiths whilst your dinner is cooking.

8) Listen in

Make a playlist of your ‘unwind tunes’ to keep you focused on the moment and not distracted by the happenings of the day… or all the things you need to do tomorrow. If music isn’t really your thing, find a podcast to sink your teeth into. There’s no doubt something to suit whatever you’re into.

9) Become a bookworm

While Netflix binging can be a great distraction, the likelihood is you’ve been staring at a screen for a large portion of your day. Perhaps instead you could flick through a great book or magazine. We know it sounds old school but holding a physical book stops all that blue light from keeping you feel wired throughout the night. If you’ve got too many household tasks to take care of in the evening, an audiobook flowing through your headphones could actually help you get through the chores a lot faster and in a pain-free way.

10) Soak it in

If you’re fortunate enough to own a bath, a glass of Winesmiths in the tub with a few bubbles or bath salts is a really great option. If not, a dimly lit shower can be calming but it might take some skill to balance a shower vino. That’s not to say it can’t be done.

Whichever way you choose to switch off, you can relax in the knowledge that you don’t have to make your way through a whole bottle of wine to ensure it doesn’t ‘go to waste’. The Winesmiths range is premium quality but packaged for freshness. This means you can indulge in a few evening glasses of wine while you’re unwinding and then pop the box away for next time. Sacrifice nothing, especially your sanity.


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